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Sustainable, Organic, Local Pizza

Farmer friends of ours just signed on to provide produce to a local pizza shop.  (   SolPie Pizza (get it….SOL…..Sustainable, Organic, Local….) is about 30 miles south of us and they are committed to being a positive influence to their children, to us as consumers, and to the community they belong to.  


I even love their logo!  I can’t wait to taste their pizza.

Jimmy Nardello - a man with a story makes for an interesting pepper……

Jimmy Nardello was of the first Nardello generation born in the US.  In 1887 his parents, along with their favorite pepper seeds, emigrated from southern Italy to Connecticut to start a new life.  

I have read that Jimmy was the 4th of 11 children - and the only one who took an interest in gardening with his mother.  In the mountains of southern Italy, where his mother was raised, the gardens were grown in terraces.  Which is how Angela taught Jimmy to garden, and it is reported that he continued to do so all of his life.   Jimmy’s favorite pepper was a sweet frying pepper that he would hang to dry so his family could enjoy it all year long.  

Before Jimmy passed away in 1983, he donated his favorite pepper seeds to the Seed Savers Exchange, and the Nardello Pepper was born.  

This season we grew Nardello Peppers for the first time.  They start off green and grow into a bright red sweet pepper.  We are oh so eager to taste them!

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